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Gutter Helmet 25 Years of Service Gutter Helmet Rain Gutter Protection Systems are #1 is not affiliated or owned by Gutter Helmet Corporate, SEMCO Southeast Metals or Gilbraltar Industries. is an independently owned and operated website with the goal of connecting consumers directly with local Gutter Helmet dealers across the country free of charge. There’s no other rain gutter protection system quite like Gutter Helmet. Gutter Helmet is the original gutter guard rain gutter protection system and the #1 gutter protection system in America today. Gutter Helmet’s patented solid gutter cover design keeps leaves and debris out, while rain gets trapped and funneled safely away from your home.

Say Good-Bye to Gutter Cleaning Forever

Tired of climbing a dangerously high ladder to clean your gutters? Install a Gutter Helmet rain gutter protection system and Never Clean Your Gutters Again® - guaranteed. Plus, with every Gutter Helmet installation, you receive a free gutter cleaning first. It’s the last gutter cleaning you’ll ever need. Find a Gutter Helmet Dealer near you for more information.

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More than one million home owners have installed a Gutter Helmet gutter guard system to protect their home from the damage clogged gutters cause. Gutter Helmet is America’s best gutter guard, as ranked by Dean Johnson, host of Hometime.

Gutter Helmet’s technologically advanced gutter guard systems are backed by our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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Gutter Helmet Benefits:

  • Keeps leaves, pine needles, and tree debris out of gutters
  • Prevents mold and mildew caused by overflowing gutters
  • Channels water away from your home to prevent damage to roofs, walls, siding and landscape
  • Keeps homeowners off dangerously high ladders